Lost Symbols °¬Δ©∂¢§•º–˜∫ç∂ßΣ at the Convent of Saint Cecilia

Like the occult? Come to the Convent of Saint Cecilia – Greenpoint’s own anti-New Museum and unique gallery space (i.e. olde Catholic Church) – for a massive group show of ritualistic sound programs, phantasmagorical performances, various mythological visual media and happenings, especially tonight.  °¬Δ©∂¢§•º–˜∫ç∂ßΣ will ” investigate, dissect, appropriate, and translate mystic occult ritual, alchemy, mythology, and symbolism.” “LOST SYMBOLS °¬Δ©∂¢§•º–˜∫ç∂ßΣ,” Group Show, Oct 22 – Oct 31, Convent of Saint Cecilia