It’s always entertaining when someone is publicly opposed to something, and then incorporates whatever that thing is, into his or her personal life. To an ardent health nut, that thing could be a double fudge brownie with two tablespoons of vegetable oil drizzled on top of it; for an overzealous man of God, it could be buttsex-boy-rape.

Today, Lou Dobbs joins the ranks, by adamantly opposing illegal immigrants on his television and radio shows, and then hiring them to work on his estate after he realized they’re cheaper and easier to own than white people.

During his Mexican tirades, Dobbs strongly criticized those who employed illegal immigrants, going so far as to say that those who hired them should face felony charges.

When you reside on a 300 acre plot, in a mansion big enough to house all of the Latinos you employ, what else is a guy to do?

With his daughter, Hillary, being a champion horse jockey, the need for cheap labor is even more apparent. Owning and caring for five horses of the Aryan European Warmblood variety, worth up to a mill each, can cost a very pretty penny.

Apparently, Dobbs hired approximately 15 Mexicans, and according to one of the employees, Lou knew very well that they didn’t have their papers. Claiming 65 hour work weeks on average, with a $2,000 per month wage, the employees were being paid slightly over minimum wage, but no overtime.

It will be interesting to see how L.D. spins this, when he speaks at the Tea Party convention in Virginia, on Saturday. Sure to cite the inadequacies of the Liberal media, and focus on how the spin-doctors on the left threw him under the bus, he’s sure to get a standing ovation.