MADD Yet Again Tries To Talk Teens Out Of Getting Smashed

01.21.10 Copyranter


It’s underage drinking month on ANIMAL! In this latest spot, via the New Mexico chapter of the 30-year-old Texas-based organization, the concerned, abstract Mothers have decided to abandon driving references, and just hit drunkenness head on with a blunt message they hope will get through even the thickest kids’ skulls.

Well, at least it didn’t cost much to produce! Some prop bottles, a mattress (to fall on), and some kids, who were probably paid zilch. From the BrokenTeens website:

Studies show that alcohol impacts the brain much more dramatically in teens than it does in adults. During adolescence, your brain’s frontal lobe is developing rapidly. Drinking limits its ability to form new pathways and connections that are essential for learning and memory.

Directing drinking/drug messages at teens, like with this preachy UK anti-cannabis commercial, is pretty much a no-win sell. So, will literally beating them over the head do any good? Eh. It’s probably got a better chance than most, but no. |video via: scary ideas|