10-500x333Marina Abramović‘s MoMA curator Klaus Biesenbach had a bit of a freak-out at the fancy-shmancy post-exhibit gala last week and, instead of reading his speech, broke down into declarations of 20 years worth of unrequited love and told everyone that Marina Abramović can’t see without her glasses. Does that mean she didn’t see her thousands of sitters?

Linda Yablonksy reports:

He didn’t thank anyone…  “Look at me, Marina,” he began. “Listen to me, Marina,” he went on. “Why don’t you look at me? You know,” he then said to the guests, tossing aside his prepared remarks, “she can’t see anyone without her glasses,” thereby negating the experience of all those sitters who thought she was paying special attention to them. This brought loud murmurs. “Will you stop talking and listen to me?” he said. “OK, don’t listen. I don’t care. Marina? Are you listening?”

And so the art tycoons and famous folk choked on their chocolate-covered, gold Marina Abramović mouth-molds (real). “I could kill him!” Abramović responded, but thanked him anyway.

The thought of all those faces and tears having been nothing but eager blur to the artist is a total bitch slap. Then again, hugging and greeting her repeat sitters with recognition at the post-exhibit MoMA symposium, Marina Abramović didn’t seem at all visually impaired. This could just be rants from a German lover scorned. Or are they? WELL??? MARINA??? ARE YOU LISTENING???!!!

Photo: Marina Galperina.