Looking at You Looking At Me at the MoMA

04.23.10 Marina Galperina

Marco Anelli Portraits, "The Artist is Present" Marina Abramovic

Marco Anelli has been diligently documenting Marina Abramović‘s “The Artist is Present” by photographing MoMA visitors as they make varying rounds of eye-contact with the performing artist: some tears, some smiles, lots of stares, a few lookers.

Notable portraits: Amir Baradaran (performance crasher #1 proposing marriage), Anya Liftig (performance crasher #2, the doppelganger) and the first portrait, attractive German art collector Julia Stoschek.

While Art Fag City‘s Paddy Johnson dubs it “an emotional stare-off,” Tom Toibin from NY Review of Books likened the encounter to a “sexual, sensuous, spiritual” corpse viewing that made him “fascinated and uncomfortable.” You can see the visitors stare live during museum hours here. By the end of the performance on May 31st, Marina Abramović would have silently looked into their eyes for over 700 hours.

See many more fascinated, uncomfortable staring faces here.