Marina Abramović’s Weeping Super Fan Identified

05.10.10 Marina Galperina

pacoThose who’ve been interested in Marco Anelli’s portrait series of visitors staring back at Marina Abramović at MoMA, may have noticed the mustached mystery man who returned several times and cried. A lot. Meet Paco Blancas.

The NYC-based make-up artist has visited “The Artist Is Present” at the MoMA 14 times so far since March 11. He became instantly drawn to the performing artist’s “magnetism.” Eye contact with Abramović serves as a “catalyst” for Blancas: He recalls an image of someone he “loves deeply” and he cries, uncontrollably. His visits/appearance changes/tears have been fully documented here.

Sometimes Blancas would stay for a hours. When I spoke to the guards yesterday, they said that he hasn’t been coming in the last few days and that perhaps he had something better to do. As per what his deal is, the guards emphasize that he is just an ardent fan of the artist’s work and “a very nice man.”

Richard Hell also stopped by the MoMA yesterday, spending a lot of time admiring the nude performance of the re-creationist suspended on the wall in Luminosity 1997/2010, but he wasn’t wearing crazy enough shoes to make the news.