dangYesterday, Mayor Bloomberg paid a personal visit to one of Antony Gormley’s 31 Event Horizon sculptures perched on rooftops and loitering around Madison Square Park — a very personal visit. The sculptures are iron-and-fiberglass replicas of the artist. Naturally, there’s an obvious dangler and even the Mayor couldn’t resist a gander.

New Yorkers are getting used to their inanimate neighbors, much to the NYPD’s efforts in warning people that these are not potential suicides. Bloomberg approves:

It will encourage us to look at this exhilarating cityscape with fresh eyes. From now on, everybody walking around here is going to be looking up.

Hey, Bloomberg, since you like them some much: for $2.3 million, you can gaze at the whole lot all you want!

Gormley also planned to take his clone show to Moscow, but after some deliberation, Mayor Luzhkov wrote to him saying that he “didn’t feel that Moscow needed 31 rusty, naked iron men.” If Luzhkov thought that was inappropriate, what would he think of the other, bondage and encasing fetish reminiscent Gormleys? |NYDN, Bloomberg|

Image: NY Daily News