Meet Richard Chopoff: The New UK Poster Boy For Male Domestic Violence

03.30.10 Copyranter


John Wayne Bobbit minutiae aside, domestic violence against men is certainly a serious issue. “One man dies every three weeks caused by Domestic Violence,” according to the NCDV’s awkwardly-written website. That stat seems a bit high for a country as small as England. I think they mean worldwide. Anyway, this Photochopped living Ken Doll would certainly stop your mindless magazine page-turning, yes?

The ad was created by JWT London. Said Joseph Petyan, a joint managing director at the agency:

It’s really important to get involved in campaigns like this; it’s such an important cause and we feel that the shocking nature of the image we’ve used really reflects the seriousness of the issue.”

Other hard-to-believe stats from the site: “Every third victim of domestic violence is a man” and “Practically the same percentage of men as women are victims of severe domestic violence. No sources are listed. One ironic note: the NCDV webite (scroll down) was developed by a designer called “Black Widow Internet.” Black widow female spiders are of course notorious for…you know what. Previously: Domestic Violence Against Hot Cosplay MILFs. |Image: Brand Republic|