Remember that racist, bigoted, seemingly Tourettes-afflicted misogynist we all came to know and love, named Mel Gibson? Somehow staying relevant, he was in the news again recently, due to being fired from the cast of Hangover II. The biggest surprise is not that Gibson is still managing to make headlines, but that there are plans to film a Hangover II.

Hollywood has a penchant for taking anything even subpar at best, and raping it in the mouth until it vomits a diluted second take on the same plot. The Hangover was a mostly funny movie punctuated by a bearded man running around the desert and then getting assaulted by a hulking black man. When it was decided to make a sequel, they needed another Mike Tyson-esque one-two punch, and the most obvious answer was Mel Gibson.

Until, it turns out, that the cast members didn’t take kindly to finding out that they’d have to be in close proximity to Mel. Possibly in fear of being slapped and yelled at, I can’t say I blame them.

For whatever reason, it was believed that this role would be Gibson’s tour de force, and revive his career as it once was. Somehow I can’t imagine that having a cameo as a tattoo artist in a movie whose main demographic didn’t give a fuck about you in the first place, is the right move.

According to reports, Zach Galifianakis, the obvious star of the film, is one who did not want to work with Mel. It’s unknown who made the call that actually fired Gibson, but Liam Neeson is now set to take over the role.

As much as I really don’t care about this movie or Mel Gibson, I will probably end up seeing it, and I will probably realize that no one can play a crazed, ridiculous old bastard (which I’m assuming is what the role is) like an actual crazed, ridiculous bastard. His only real skill is being recorded while yelling; are we really going to deny him that pleasure?