ff_gondry1_fWith doc A Thorn in the Heart about his quirky aunt playing at SXSW, The Green Hornet in post production, and mid scheming for an IMAX 3D scientific musical à la Björk, Michel Gondry is also working on another doc-style project called The We and the I. Gondry plans to film kids from a Bronx school.

The director elaborates:

It’s to explore the phenomenon of people, how different they are in groups and large numbers, and how they become more interesting and complex when they are in smaller groups. As they leave the school and do the journey to the last stop, the kids go off the bus gradually. You’ve got 35 and they end up with two. You feel the dynamic changing.

Michel “Next-Cute-Girlfriend-Pending” Gondry also admitted:

I was kind of a loner when I was at school, I was hanging with the girls mostly, not the boys. I couldn’t understand why the boys were so stupid when they were in groups and why they would allow themselves to be so mean to each other. This movie is talking about that.

If only we all could manifest our childhood “issues” into successful weirdness. |CinemaBlend|