Mike Leavitt’s Art Army Action Figures

Mike Leavitt has scaled down some familiar artists. Behold, the Art Army: a bizarre Mark Ryden, a dissected Damien Hist, a masked Banksy, a be-bucketed Shepard Fairey and more.

The pieces are hot items. Leavitt sold more than 200 out of his 240 art-action figures. Ron English’s wife bought Leavitt’s Ron English. KAWS not only bought up his own but made Leavitt agree never to make another one in his polymorphic likeness.

Leavitt – a proud Pratt drop out – crafts these by hand, choosing “the right people in our history.” His Art Army is a varied legion: R. Crumb, David Lynch, Basquiat, Big Daddy Roth, Futura 2000, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, Ghostface Killah, Van Gogh and more. His current show in London is a collaboration with Charles Krafft and includes their Charlie Manson and Amy Winehouse teapots. Niftyness galore. |Jailbreak|

Images: Mike Leavitt