Broadway Pedestrian Mall New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser still hates the pedestrian plazas in Times Square and with news that the car-free oasis of sorts will be permanent, she sprung into action to lash out against progress yet again. You may recall her piece last year, that blasted the concept based almost entirely on the “cheapo” furniture the city temporarily provided. Well that’s long gone and has been replaced with sleek new furniture, but that didn’t stop Post editors from running a misleading photo from last summer along with her “Real New Yorkers” invoking diatribe. Maybe she should watch this video? Peyser also does a wonderful job in describing the harmful effects of secondhand cigarette smoke while ignoring the fumes from tailpipes and making cyclists out to be the real danger. Brava! Can someone please send this woman a gift certificate to Babeland? It could do wonders for us all. |NYP|