Mohamed Cartoonist Still Causing Near-Riots

05.18.10 Marina Galperina


Mohamed cartoonist Lars Vilks was recently head-butted at Uppsala University. Then, his house was set on fire. He is now in hiding. Two arson suspects – brothers, 19 and 21 – are in custody. Why the new flare up of Vilks-hate? See the full video of the outrage at Uppsala U and the first few seconds of Vilks’s video art that caused it. Soundtrack by Electric Six: “Gay Bar.”

The slide show of juxtaposed Mohamed and gay-fun imagery only lasted a few seconds before enraged crowd clusters started yelling about pornography. The man who head-butted Vilks was maced and tackled by authorities. Surely, the audience knew this was going to be offensive before they showed up to the presentation. And Vilks knew a presentation on free speech was going to offend those against it and cause ruckus. The result exceeded all of their expectations.

“Our prophet is not a homosexual!” they yell. “Vilks is a homosexual!” Aside from school-yard comebacks, there were blatant threats: “We will take you out, you pig!” Meanwhile, those who aren’t yelling “Allahu Akbar” are sitting passively by in a tense trance. The presentation ended quickly after and the crowd took their soccer-fan-style Mohamed chants outside.