If there’s anyone that should win the Pulitzer, Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar, and Caldecott Medal, it’s Julian Assange. He’s the 39 year old editor-in-chief and de facto spokesperson for Wikileaks, calling out the governing bodies for the shit they pull, assuming that no one will ever be the wiser. But how does this information being released affect our troops that are currently stationed over there?

Still a baby, Wikileaks has only been around for a little over three years, and has a database boasting millions of formerly unreleased documents and records. Making major headlines in April 2010, for their “Collateral Murder” video, which showcased the US Army’s uncanny ability to kill innocent people in cold blood. Turns out, they’re really good at it!

Just a few days ago, Wikileaks busted through Beiber Fever and other boring news, by releasing over 92,000 documents from the Afghanistan War. Touching base on just about everything you can think of, from the murder of children, to the Taliban having potential chemical weapons. Oh, and surprise, the US buys good press! Who would have thought?

One of the most unsurprising revelations is that US troops are getting high on Afghani heroin, and the US (via the CIA and other special operation task forces) is helping to export it out to Hong Kong, Canada, and–surprise–into the US. Sometimes it’s concealed in garbage and money, while at other times it’s shoved inside Tickle Me Elmo.

How do I know all of this, you ask? Well, besides most of it being public information, someone very dear to me is currently in Afghanistan, and is stationed at an undisclosed special ops base.

When asked about the heroin intake by US soldiers, he said that he has never seen anyone doing it, but knows that it happens. When asked about the government cracking down on the issue, he said “They aren’t trying. Pretty much, it’s unstoppable at this point. They do random drug testing, and that’s it.”

As far as how the Wikileaks’ leaks are affecting operations, he said that, “Any time this sort of thing happens; troop movements leaked, etc., people start freaking out. The Taliban looks at everything; Facebook, Twitter, and so on, looking to collect information on our bases and movements. Ambushes and more accurate rocket/mortar attacks will follow. I agree that things need to be released to the public, but those Wikileaks people are putting us all in danger over here.”

Apparently, the people in Afghanistan (citizens and government alike) expect many more casualties over the next few months, and have ceased night operations at certain bases.

Unsurprisingly, there are things that “don’t exist” that actually do, and there are things that “do exist” that actually don’t. This is what the government does, and it’s like some real MKULTRA shit, on a whole ‘nother level.

My source (who doesn’t want to be named, because he wants to “come home in one piece, alive, with my brains working correctly”) likens the whole thing to First Blood, with John Rambo saying, “guuu, I’m jus’ passin’ through, offica.”

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