about a son2-thumb Ding-ding! New film rumor time: Oscar-nominated rookie director Oren Moverman is pegged for Universal Picture’s untitled Kurt Cobain project. Apparently, that’s still happening and hasn’t been done over to death yet, proving that Hollywood is super insensitive for continually propagating the whole myth about suicide being an awesome way to stay famous.

It’s also rumored that this is the mysterious project Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner was hinting about to The New York Times. Renner is yet to confirm, as is The Messenger director Moverman who cowrote the I’m Not There and Jesus’ Son screenplays. It might be hasty to expect this to be an excess travesty, but seriously, once we’ve peeked into the face of true evil (see: Courtney Love in Kurt & Courtney), it’s going to take something pretty exciting to revisit the same old grave again.