Mr. Dropout’s Manhattan Walkabout

Post-Death Bear Nate Hill is looking for a new artistic identity. He’s been walking the length of Manhattan in an all-white ensemble – an insulated, blank “cocoon” from which to emerge anew. As Mr. Dropout, he takes his Detachment Walks to Harlem and Washington Heights – “areas that do not normally see performance art of this kind” – keeping a lookout for cops and tweeting all the way.

Nate Hill plans to do the exercise for months until he becomes nothing and then, someone new. Admire the commitment and catch him on Broadway and 14th tonight.

He has been compared to a Muslim, a fencer and a condom – and he’s laughed it off. Nate’s a confident guy, seemingly immune to the Anxiety of Influence, so here’s one more association: Anyone knows the white-clad, white-capped British mystery gentleman seen strolling through East Village with a plastic bag of notes?

See Nate’s journey to self-induce his metamorphosis on video and in pictures (bonus: “mystery man” photos):

Mr. Dropout walks through Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan: