With all the alarmist, Xeroxed hoopla around nudity in Marina Abramovic’s current performance art retrospective at MoMA, MSNBC joins in. Apparently, “the artist says that’s she’s shocked by how upset people are by the nudity.” ORLY? As part of the main performance, Abramovic is remaining silent through the end of the exhibit in late May.

MSNBC either extracted that quote from Abramovic’s head like psychics or pulled this out of their own ass. At least there’s no politically malicious motive here.

Here’s the clip with both the overly creative Abramovic editorial (around 0:15) and some more mewing about that Sofia Maldonado’s Times Square mural not having enough cellphones and briefcases.

Update: It’s confirmed with the MoMA team – Marina Abramovic has not spoken to anyone. A visitor’s comment has been attributed to her due to careless editing.