naked snooki snooki naked

Well you just knew they were out there! DUH! If you had Feb. 12th in your “When will naked pictures of Snooki surface” office pool, well, WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Update: A new, not so naked photo has been posted on the site.

The creatively named website claims there’s more where this one came from. Looks like I’ll be venturing out for an industrial-sized bottle of baby oil and a sheet of visqueen this weekend. C’mon, who’s with me?!?! (Just kidding…fully-clothed Snooki is already certifiable erection kryptonite, much less naked Snooki.)

And yes, if the fierce tan and ample booty weren’t enough to prove it, this most definitely is the Snickers herself as it’s authenticity has been verified by Radar Online.

So who’s next? Vegas should have a line on this. My money’s on either Jwoww’s hideous fake boobs or Pauly-D’s pierced Italian sausage making a public appearance, but I bet you could great odds on Vinny, the obvious darkhorse. |via Gawker|