Never Text And Drive And Play Russian Roulette At The Same Time

02.17.10 Copyranter


Jesus, just wait until you get home to play spin the chamber, you adrenaline junkie you. “When is a cell phone a weapon? Whenever you drive a car and use one,” starts the copy for this bloody awful public service ad set to run in the next issue of AutoWeek magazine. Also? When Russell Crowe receives less than exemplary customer service.

Says Dutch Mandel, associate publisher of AW:

Distracted driving is stupid, stupid, stupid behavior…There is no reason why you need to have a 6-ounce phone attached to your ear when you have a 4,000-pound car attached to your brain.

Weighty point, Dutch. The ad was created by New Jersey ad agency Coyne Communications. Says creative director Tom Coyne:

Our goal is to create awareness in order to change behavior. If we soft-pedal the message, absolutely nothing will change. We have to shock people into realizing that cell phones and cars are a lethal mix.

So, you put a gun (pointing away from the phone?) and some fake blood in an amateurish layout. SHOCKING. Also notice that the agency included their logo and website in the hope that their selfless PSA will help them pick up some new business. That’s classy.