New Street Art Mecca? In Florida?

Retna and El Mac in Wynwood

Drawing art crowds not only inside galleries, but also outside as well, Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood has been heralded as “one of the most vibrant street-art scenes in the nation, if not the world.” Naturally, this new title comes with some controversy, according to the Biscayne Times. Artist BooksIII, who founded art collective Primary Flight to paint the outdoor area in 2007, says, “Here was a place that was becoming an art hub, but for the most part it was one week a year [during Art Basel]. They appear and then disappear without looking at what was going on. We were like, ‘Fuck you, more is going on here.”

Then, in an unsurprising turn of events reminiscent of 11 Spring Street’s last stand, the scene’s starters saw powerful, PR-savvy organizers swoop in to capitalize on their years of efforts. While New York-based Deitch Projects and real estater Tony Goldman launched their branded mural project, Wynwood Walls, Jim and Karla Murray staged a Sushi Samba-sponsored street art show this past December. |Biscayne Times|

Below is a gallery of work that has appeared on the walls.

Photos by N10Z