Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has released a new teevee ad in which he doesn’t shove or threaten anyone and, all things considered, actually appears “composed,” as the New York Times puts it.

Paladino talks about the top two issues on voters’ minds: why he was justified in scuffling with the New York Post‘s Fred Dicker, and Democratic challenger Andrew Cuomo’s “legendary” prowess. In creating the ad, the Times reports, Paladino remained “in seclusion in his Buffalo home, taking counsel from numerous Republican officials and pondering what he would say.”

He should have pondered more.

About the Dicker incident, Paladino says he got angry, in part, because he’s a “builder, not a politician.” He also challenges Cuomo to “debate like a man,” which is SEXIST. (Cuomo agreed to a debate just before Paladino released his ad, rendering moot a good portion of it.)

For political reasons, the best part is when Paladino talks shit about the Assembly—whose support he’d need to get anything done, ever, if he were to become governor—and how they are creating wholesale DOOM:

“Our state is in a death spiral,” Mr. Paladino said in the advertisement, filmed near his office in Buffalo. “We pay the highest taxes in the country. Spending and debt are widely out of control, and many in our Legislature are crooks. Our state is hemorrhaging jobs; our young people move as soon as they graduate. Upstate and downstate are dying.”

If you’re still around/haven’t left for Detroit or some other, more thriving place, here’s the video:

Speaking of Paladino and cinema, does anyone know if he is related to that other “feisty” Republican angerbear from Buffalo, Vincent Gallo? They seem to have similar dispositions (probably from all that spicy wing sauce) and would probably make good friends.