brightonbeachNo amount of literary pretensions can ever make a plug of the Slav ‘Jersey Shore’ sound non-moronic, unless our preferences of dill, bumper stickers and non-translatable slang are somehow profound cultural revelations. Sorry, New Yorker. You fail.

This new televised travesty scrapes together immigrant spawn from the few ex-USSR countries currently sporing in the Soviet ’70s time capsule that is Brighton Beach. But don’t worry, be they Ukranian Jew or Georgian or whatever the hell Dizik the newly casted “Vinnie” equivalent is, this gaggle of “Russian” bleached blondes and meat heads will surely prove that we Slavs can be as drunk, obnoxious and unconcerned of the image we project as fake Italians.

By the way, New Yorker, Russki is not the Russian equivalent of ‘guido.’ It just means “a Russian” in Russian. Awkward, no? |NYer|

Image: NYT