With NYC becoming more expensive all the time, artists are fleeing to places like Cleveland, Ohio–where you can buy a two-bedroom house for almost as much as a single pack of cigarettes costs here. And with everyone in Cleveland migrating elsewhere, that leaves lots of extra room for folks from W-Burg.

While moving to Ohio be a full-fledged trend yet, enough artists are doing it to inspire local-media trend pieces. “Artists are getting priced out and dispersed through (New York City’s) neighborhoods,” one NYC-to-Cleveland artist told Cleveland’s NBC affiliate. “You’re losing the sense of community and working together…Cleveland is a great place for art. There’s a lot of culture and diversity here. You still get the big city feel.” Nothing wrong with being the next Basquiat of Cuyahoga County, right?

If a critical mass of NYC artists move to Cleveland, that city might acquire official “sixth borough” status–placing it in an elite class that includes:

A-fore you jump in your jalopy and start heading for the Pennsylvania Turnpike, keep in mind that Cleveland might not be the perfect place for you. According to this list, the locals look “hagged out” and wear sweatpants. Pull-quote: “People have attitude problems, especially young single mothers who try to get jobs they aren’t qualified for but do it just to make money to support their unplanned children.” Coming from New York, you might have trouble adjusting to these attitude-problem people. And there are no dentists?

Forbes listed Cleveland as its “most miserable” city of 2010, which sounds not-so-good. But living in misery could improve your oeuvre. At least your rent will be low!