mappyPeople barely tweet in the Rikers Island Desert, tweet a lot in the East Village Hillside and tweet the most at the Times Square Peak. That’s all according to the “New York City New City Landscape,” a cartographic representation of NYC’s mobile tweet density and locations.

The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London analyzed twitter traffic of a cluster of metropoleis, renaming notable areas accordingly. Zoom around the New New York here and see more cities here.

And over here you can see just how much two related Google search items have in common. According to most popular searches, “democrats are” socialist traitors, “republicans are” insane fascists, and both “are” retarded morons destroying America. Also, a lot of people are wondering why they can/can’t own a Canadian.

Now, back to Twitter. Apparently, social networking sites are now more popular than Internet porn, thanks to all those Tweet[y] birds regurgitating information into each others’ mouths. Go tweet that.