103 graffiti and street artists took turns spending the night at an abandoned NYC subway station since 2009. After 18 months, The Underbelly Project is revealed. TrustoCorp, Posterchild, Revok, Faile, Roa and Ron English were just a few to hit up the secret spot in the “dusty darkness,” marking it as the ultimate “eternal show without a crowd.” And yep, they’re all trespassing criminals, as far the MTA is concerned.

Most likely, the tracks are under the South 4th Street stop in Williamsburg. Workhorse and PAC, the mysterious curators, declare The Underbelly Project as a necessary response to all those sawed-out Banksys and ripped-out Fairies – “commercialism at its worst.” Think of it as a decompression chamber for the art form.

Speaking of Banksy, he turned the chance down to promote Exit Through the Gift Shop, but sent his pensive kudos with a “Great project, love it, but I can’t risk going in.”