In recent months, reports have surfaced that the NYPD has been going around issuing tickets to subway riders for everything from to placing a backpack on an empty seat of an empty train to having a sick pug on board. Many have cried foul over the city needlessly harassing otherwise law-abiding citizens during early morning commutes, but apparently they’re not stopping anytime soon.

The dude pictured above was recently ticketed in the early morning on a near-empty train for sitting the way he is above. Reports the Post:

Less than two months after The Post revealed the NYPD’s graveyard-shift ticket blitz, a 17-year-old Stuyvesant HS student was hit two weeks ago with a $50 fine for obstructing more than one chair — even though there were only four other people in the subway car and his feet were on the seat’s edge.

Irvin Khaytman, 17, was on his way home from a birthday party two weeks ago when he got written up. He was getting off the D train to transfer to the N at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn about 2 a.m. when he was abruptly stopped by a police officer on the platform.

“He said he saw my feet on the edge of the seat next to me,” Khaytman said. “He said putting your feet on a seat is nasty, and since I was nasty, I deserved a ticket.”

And yet somehow the guy I saw defecating into a show box on the Union Square subway platform last week got away without a ticket. Go figure.