Using the terrorist attack by gunmen in Mumbai as a framework, the NYPD conducted a substantial counter terrorism exercise around the city earlier this month reports the Wall Street Journal.

The paper got a hold of the memo outlining the exciting plot that includes shootings, bombs, and a bill-signing President Obama.

Spoiler: He isn’t assassinated, but the same can’t be said for shoppers in Herald Square and the dozen or so customers at Macy’s who were taken hostage:

According to a memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, the police were given a fictional scenario that began with President Barack Obama visiting New York for a bill signing. At the same time, convicted Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was scheduled to appear in federal court. The attacks began with bombings in downtown that resulted in 18 dead and dozens injured. The president went ahead with the bill signing at the World Trade Center site, when another bomb went off nearby. He was whisked away.

The attack wasn’t over. Six gunmen piled out of a van at Herald Square and opened fire on shoppers and pedestrians. They then entered the Macy’s department store and took 26 hostages.

And then what? Cliffhanger! (Photo: Tony Shi/flickr)