‘Epic Beard Man’ Has A Long History Of Badassery


So, that old man in the bus brawl video? According to this site, his name is Thomas Bruso aka “Tom Slick” aka “Vietnam Tom” aka “Epic Beard Man” aka “Don’t mess with a dude wearing a ‘I’m A Motherfucker’ tee and a fanny pack” and it’s not his first acclaimed YouTube video. UPDATE: He speaks!

It’s believed that he’s also the guy who was tasered at an Oakland A’s game in a video posted back in August of 2009. Compare the footage below and check out the bonus video of him ranting post-bus attack plus the parodies!

Ballgame incident:

Bonus post-beat down video:

Bus beat down original:

Parodies are now popping up too:

Slow motion, punch by punch breakdown:

Techno remix: