orsonOrson Welles is making a movie from beyond the grave. A cinema icon (who also acted a disastrous drunken fool for some commercials in the ’70s), Welles narrated a Christmas book for a friend, months before his death.

The recently dug up tapes will serve to plug Welles’s voice into some terrible 3D CGI/live action mutant, peddled by the same studio that gave us a Brad Pitt old-baby.

The ancient narration tapes were pulled out of book author Robert X. Leed’s cupboard in Las Vegas and had to be soaked in chemical baths and digitally remastered. It’s a lucrative find and worth the hoopla, and project director Todd Tucker is already trolling Hollywood for actors with the right chops/amount of desperation to get narrated by Orson Welles saving Santa’s sick reindeer or something like that. |Cinematical, Telegraph|