Everyone knows that bicycles are more dangerous than cars. Nevertheless, the city created a bike lane along Prospect Park West, ostensibly to put stroller moms and old people in harm’s way. Now empowered Park Slope residents are protesting. Reclaim the streets!

The New York Post reports that the 19-block path—which replaced a lane of car traffic and some parking spots four months ago—has inspired dueling rallies. Supporters and opponents have already held other rallies, answered Surveymonkeys, attended meetings, and protested or supported the lane electronically. The anti- side is particularly tenacious, because they are fighting a war on TERROR:

“Hundreds of residents say they feel considerably less safe since the installation of the bike lane,” says Louise Hainline, who founded a group called Neighbors for a Better Bike Lane. “It is now hazardous to cross the street, to park a car, and to open a car door into traffic lanes. It is, in fact, terrifying.”

It’s terrifying because of how the bikers ride around like assholes, said 71-year-old Joane Taylor to the New York Daily News, in so many words:

Taylor … said she was almost knocked to the ground on the path near First St. when a biker zoomed by, pushed her back and didn’t stop to see if she was okay.”I jumped back, pulled the dog’s leash back [and] I lost my footing and fell on the trunk of a car,” said Taylor, who bruised her hip in the encounter. “I don’t want to be overly dramatic…but if I was the mayor, I’d be worried about lawsuits.”

There wouldn’t have to be any lawsuits if the city just made bikes illegal. Then the roads would be safe again—for the babies, and the stroller moms, and the grandmoms, and the cars.

A city DOT spokesman told the Daily News that his agency “hadn’t observed” any crashes involving bikes and pedestrians. Maybe he was wrong? Because it’s really hard to believe that this bike lane isn’t just killing everybody who dares to approach it.