malta2Malta authorities want to take down this colorful road-side erection, lest the Pope get offended. En route to the airport, Unholy Joey is scheduled to pass the public sculpture and citizens want it to be removed “as a sign of respect.” En route, 11 of 25 alleged child abuse case victims in Malta have asked the Pope for a meeting and an apology, but Vatican spokesman said sorry, the Pope’s on “already very tight” schedule.

Meanwhile, Luqa’s mayor agrees with the fretfuls in thinking that a phallus isn’t “the most fitting” greeting for the Pope in “what is considered to be the most Catholic country in the world.”  Maltese artist Paul Vella Critien defends his sculpture. It is not a 10 foot tall penis but an avant-garde obelisk:

The mayor knows nothing about fine art, he’s just a man in the street… It certainly wasn’t my intention to make it look like a penis. If I had wanted to create a giant penis, believe me I would have known how to do it.

Well then. Get to it! NuMu could always use more over-sized genital things for ‘Skin Fruit.’ |Telegraph|