banksy Phillips de Pury & Company’s art auction in London is Feb 12-13 and just in time too, because I totally need me a Transvestite Brides of Christ vase, like now. In other good news: sad clowns are still popular. Some highlights: Basquiat. Also, framed canvas, found and fucked-up a la Banksy is estimated to sell at $94-125k. Each estimated at $234-312k are Andy‘s knifey stencils, Banks Violette‘s dilapidated chandelier made from crack-house leftovers, and Ugo Rondinone‘s diptych of Target symbol variations.

Gerhard Ritcher‘s beautiful painting of a digital glitch I saw last night in a bootleg of Parnassus is at $932k-1.4 mil. Guess I won’t be buying any of that. And yes, while that Bonvicini play cage looks nice, I bet I can hobble together something from Stockroom for way cheap.