bleeckerProwling around in the night, photographer James Bleecker gets paid the big bucks by architectural and interior design firms for creating meticulous photographs using long exposures, “[flood]light painting” and hours of Photoshop enhancements.

Utilizing his obsessiveness/slight madness (the sensitive artist gets ill in badly designed rooms and walks out), Bleeckers pours over each work for 10 to 50 hours, merging a collage of exposures from various angles and light conditions, editing out trash cans and billboards, drawing in cobblestone, and sharpening the clouds. All this is to get closer to what the building or interior would look like in a dream. He then he sells that dream to the proprietors, which, in turn, try to sell the dream to you: Buy our magical condo, it glows! Really!

James Bleecker’s synthetic utopias are in big demand, with clients paying $750 for scouting trips, $2500 for a photograph, or $6000 at art galleries. That, and being a direct descendant of a the Bleecker St Bleeckers, keeps him cushy in an antique-filled apartment full of anachronistic crap and first editions. James Bleecker – he wears his hair like the Great Gatsby, makes relationship analogies for art mediums, and earns money collapsing space and time to help peddle ostentatious real estate luxuries. Ladies? |NYDN|