Poster Boy Supporters Use Banksy To ‘Free Henry’

05.18.10 Bucky Turco

PosterBoy_Banksy Well that didn’t take long. Less than 24 hours after Banksy’s latest street art started popping up around NYC, its been vandalized. The words “Free Henry” were painted on several of the high profile pieces, but you’ll never guess who stenciled their name in credit: Poster Boy! But he’s in jail and although he will be released on bail in a few days according to his book publisher, Henry Matyjewicz hasn’t left Rikers Island yet. So how can this be?

We can only come up with three plausible explanations:

1) Poster Boy went into deep meditation and figured out how to astrally project his street art. 2) Poster Boy is a movement and Henry Matyjewicz is just the patsy that happens to be around during every arrest. 3) Someone else painted it to make it look like it’s the work of a collective. Occam’s Razor people.

Photo: via Gothamist