Predator Watch Ads Nearly As Creepy As Predators

01.29.10 Copyranter

Oh YEAH, You know what turns me on like fuck? Cosplay, baby. My favorite cosplay? Little boys dressed up just like Canadian cops. What did I do wrong, junior officer? No, I don’t have any contraband on my person. But you best strip search me to make sure. Wait, even better, could you put on this Canadian Mountie uniform? OK, I’ll stop. These are new print ads (click them) by Vancouver ad agency Rethink Communications for Canada’s Children of the Street Society, From the press notes:

Predator Watch is an initiative to stop predators from soliciting sex from children online. The print component depicts police officers wearing hyper-real masks of children’s faces.

Can you tell which of the masks are boy/girl? I guess it doesn’t matter. What does matter? When you launch an initiative, especially such an important one as this, the featured url should never be “under construction.” In the agency’s defense, the TV spot from the effort targets the perverts very effectively. |images via: adland|