Ever watch America’s Most Wanted and notice that the same guy portraying different criminals in the reenactments done on the show? Yeah, well, if you’re Brandon Morris, no one could ever tell you that looking like a criminal doesn’t pay.

Producers of America’s Most Wanted can’t get enough of the actor from Queens whose multi-ethnic look allows him to play murderers and rapists from all ethnic groups.

Producers of true-crime shows don’t usually recast the same actor in multiple shows for fear of confusing viewers, who are shown an image of the real criminal and asked to call in tips.

But Morris’ multiethnic background keeps him coming back, said Greg Klein, the show’s creative producer.

Morris stands 6-feet-2, weighs 220 pounds and has tight, wavy hair and a tan complexion.

“He has played Hispanic, Native American, Jewish. His look can really change,” Klein said. “It’s tough to find actors for our show. They have to be good and look like real people.”

When Klein runs into a photo of a criminal on the loose who’s a good match for Morris, he calls.

“I have another fugitive that looks like you,” Klein tells him.