Quietus Quietus is a homeopathic remedy for Tinnitus—constant ear ringing/hissing/buzzing. It was “discovered by a rock drummer” named Bernard. Here’s his story, including video. What he doesn’t divulge is if he’s seen the brilliant futuristic movie Children of Men. If you’ve seen the 2006 film, starring Clive Owen, then you probably remember the Quietus brand suicide kits, tagline “You Decide When.” Michael Caine’s character Jasper euthanizes his wife with the product. The real Quietus seems to be a newish product; I can’t believe that the naming is a coincidence. Which makes “Bernard” an idiot…which most drummers are (chill, I’m one). We’re not the first to notice this idiocy. Jump for a trailer of the fake ads from the movie, including a bus poster for Quietus