I’m kidding. Or am I? The religious practice of voodoo originated in Africa and is today still mostly practiced by peoples of African descent. The advertiser here is Mumbai’s Rhythm House. And they’d like to point out that you digital plunderers are iMurdering 50 Cent, Gene Simmons, and I guess that’s supposed to be Lady Gaga, though it could be Pink with a wig.

In actuality, you iStealers are mostly killing businesses like Rhythm House, which is of course the point of the campaign. In addition to these posters, ad agency Publicis also placed voodoo dolls (including Slash and Madonna versions) in local cyber cafes, coffee shops and such. The Simmons doll is passable. But what’s up with Fitty’s getup? Boxer? Nun? No matter, he’s been shot 50 fucking times, so your cursor stabs probably just tickle his bad ass. |Images: AOTW|