Ray-Ban’s “Reservoir Dogs” Parody Is Ever So Slightly Amusing

06.24.10 Copyranter


Continuing with their “Never Hide” oxymoronic marketing shtick, Ray-Ban enlisted Funny Or Die’s Bob Turton (now sporting a pair of R-B’s on his homepage) to maybe finally produce a “film” that didn’t make me spit invectives. Verdict? Success! No curse words, just some sighing.

Titled “Reservoir Walking,” the video features a black-suited Tarantino-esque gang in R-B sunglasses doing the tough guy slo-mo walk around a suburban neighborhood (maybe near San Francisco, where Ray-Ban’s agency is located). There are funny moments: I liked the shattering lolly-pop and the food shopping trip. But the inclusion of a woman in the group was a creative mistake, in my opinion; it dilutes the parody. Still it’s an improvement over their previous dumb videos: the idiot getting the sunglasses tattoo; the idiot “birthed” by a cow; and the idiot inside a big ball of red yarn.