Ritualistic Vandalism of Manhattan Mural Commences

12.27.10 Marina Galperina

NYC graffiti writers defied Kenny Scharf’s expectations and less than a month after it was completed, tagged his mural on Houston, their footprints hidden by post-storm snow gusts. More photos below.

(Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMAL New York)

UPDATE: Kenny Scharf responds in the comments:

i read all the things you all wrote and i just want to say thank you for the props and to the people supporting the defacement that it hurts. i never professed to being a graffiti writer but when i arrived in nyc in 78 i quickly met many artists and writers and i would bomb the city up and down manhattan and even bombed the train with pics to prove it. i still never called myself a grafitti writer although i use spray paint and i legally(and illegally) paint all over the city(soon to paint over 100 gates in nyc,legally). i make paintings with spray paint and i think i have a lot to offer the graffiti world. one thing i do know is that when you dis someone you should have a really good reason and hopefully improve what as there before. its an act of violence and aggression and it really does hurt but i know that doing public art you set yourself up for that. i did the mural purely out of love, i didnt and dont get paid to paint walls. i dont believe in hurting someone especially someone you dont even know. if the tags on top of my painting were meant to hurt me well they did. i dont know these guys and dont really understand their motive other than maybe a frustrated attempt at attention. i hope they get their pleasure but i doubt they truly will benefit in any way. ouch!