30 Rockefeller Plaza Mural
The un-American symbols of progressivism are hiding in plain sight! Beware, especially at Rockefeller Center—didn’t Glenn Beck tell you the Rockefellers funded fascist/communist artists? Yesterday, the meticulously restored centerpiece mural first painted by Jose Maria Sert in 1973 was unveiled at 30 Rock. The allegorical “American Progress” depicts 300 years of the country’s growth and shows statues of creative muses hauled by laboring strongmen. Lincoln, Emerson, and Gandhi lend a hand. Commies!

In a handy Artnet article, Ben Davis details other scary places Glenn Beck may want to avoid. Some highlights:

The MoMA: Their chief artist Pablo Picasso is a prostitute-cubing subversive and a card-caring Communist. Don’t forget all that gay Warhol stuff.
The MET: Beware the WPA Federal Arts Project-commissioned mural by Stuart Davis, editor of Art Front, Artist Union’s militant magazine.
NYPL: Beware Edward Laning’s New Deal mural.
The Statute of Liberty: What’s that about the masses? Aaah!!!

Let’s not forget that Beck himself appropriated derivative Soviet Constructivism designs of Shepard Fairey.

Photo: Diane Bondareff