So, why was M.I.A.‘s buddy dir. Romain Gavras executing redheads in her ‘Born Free’ video? For practice! Here’s a new (tad NSFW) French trailer for his feature Notre Jour Viendra (Redheads) of familiar ginger gangland motifs.

This glamor violence is kind of Gavras’s shtick. Plot pitch as follows:

What do you do when you’re a red-haired teenage loser with no friends except for an older guy, your shrink? When everyone hates you, especially your family? When all your peers make fun of you and kick you around? The answer: you and your loser buddy blow all the cash you can get your hands on to buy a sportscar, you dress smart and you head for the land of redheads, Ireland. But what starts off as a search for an ideal, gradually escalates into a rampage of hate, violence and self-destruction.

The trailer soliloquy: the man is pushed to the edge from being treated with scorn for his ginger locks, but he’ll show them all, he’ll show them who’s crazy. I’m being assured it doesn’t sound this daffy in French.

Gavras managed to snag Vincent Cassell (Irreversible, Gaspar Noe) for a role. And there’s plenty potential here for a darkly whimsical revenge parable with guns and sexy. Tentative kudos to you, Gavras!