Russian Pin-Up Calendar of Social Issues

12.07.10 Marina Galperina

Speaking of sexploitation, here’s a 2011 calendar from the Russian city of Omsk, wherein pretty ladies partake in political cos-play to arouse awareness of their city’s many social and economic issues. I’ve translated each badly-scanned month for you in the gallery above, pushing the limits of my Russian/polit. knowledge and pun-tolerance.

Most terrible of the punettes is Miss November 2011, clad in Loli-a-gogo-girl attire, declaring: “It’s finally my turn to go to kindergarten!” Because there’s a long wait to get child care. Long enough to grow boobs, presumably.

The whole thing is an awkward mix between the calendar of pussy for Putin and its important, politicized counter-calendar.

Comrades sufficiently more bilingual than I am are welcome to contribute better translations/contextualizations in the comment section. More months here.