Happily ambivalent to all surrounding rants and raves, I happen to be subjectively partial to the paintings of David Lynch. Here’s a DLF.TV video walkthrough of his past exhibition at Griffin in Santa Monica that I spied over at Arrested Motion.

The vid features some unnecessary visitor blah-blah and the naiveté of Lynch’s own explanations, always to the affect of ‘I got an idea by thinking about it.’ It’s still baffling how getting “excited about cardboard” and “buying a new shirt” will ebb paintings this cool. And then, he’s got nothing but generalities to explain it with. It’s kind of perfect that way.

The weirdly looped song in the video is “Revenge” by Dark Night of the Soul/Lynch’s collaborative project with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. Lynch contributed photographs like the giant head. There were many an artist involved in the musical component, which was priorly blocked from release, leaked online (inserted instead: a blank CD with a “…contains no music. Use it as you will” label) and only just now has been cleared for release by EMI, coinciding with Sparklehorse frontman’s suicide.

Though the vocals on “Revenge” are by Wayne Coyne of the the Flaming Lips and not Mark Linkous, it’s still unsettling.