Scott Brown Hellbent on Getting His ‘Available’ Daughter Ayla on American Idol, Again


Now that Scott Brown’s magic pubes have helped to vault him into the U.S. Senate, he’s now turning his attention to using the power of his thick man-bush to getting his seashell bikini-wearing daughter another shot on American Idol.

Yesterday, ABC aired an interview that Barbara Walters did with Brown, who made it clear to Simon Cowell that, you know, Ayla sure loves the show and, you know, it’d sure be nice if he’d let her back on for another shot at the crown or, you know, he might have trouble with his papers or something. Just saying.

I’d love to have him have her on the show again…She’d never even put on make-up until she walked in the American Idol studios…I’d love ’em to get together and have her on Idol again…It’d be great for her, it’d be great for the show…Ayla actually respects Simon greatly

Your move, Simon.