Rosa Last week, Microsoft unveiled, Kin, a social networking friendly cell phone for teeny boppers. As part of their rollout, they posted a bunch of videos and according to Consumer Reports, one of them promoted sexting, so the company released a statement and pulled the spot. But that might be the least of their worries. Wait until the prudes over at Consumer Reports hear about Rosa Salazar.

She’s the 20-something-year-old brand ambassador Microsoft chose to kick off the official marketing campaign for the device. She’s also the same Rosa Salazar who appears in at least two parody videos on College Humor, both of which Microsoft probably wouldn’t appreciate.

In the first video, which just happens to be making fun of Windows 7 and was only posted a few months ago, she’s shown (:21 mark) in a rather precarious position, on her back, while her boyfriend barks off his wishes for the new operating system (he wants to last longer):

Then there’s this more playful music video, where she actually stars (and raps) in a sext-promoting parody of Salt n Peppa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

While it’s true the videos are innocent enough, especially for a young lady who does stand-up, it should be interesting to see how the twitchy behemoth responds to the publicity that other brands would relish in, but since they are Microsoft, ultimately, can’t.