Shepard Fairey Discusses Mural, Other Things

04.21.10 Marina Galperina

This is the Deitch Wall this morning. Before Shepard Fairey left around 3am last night, he was good enough to answer a few questions on video about the new mural, Obama and Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Highlights: Fairey thinks the Democrats are being pussies, why you should get off your ass and do something about it, Marc Schiller’s non-involvement in Exit Through the Gift Shop (though Schiller admitted to curating the intro) and Fairey acting out the “enigma” of Mr. BrainWash with a scene from the Princess Bride (it’s kind of adorable).

Unless blogging negativity is on his mind, Fairey is very affable and is quite earnest in explaining the current political zeitgeist to the observers.

Checking in with the mural this morning, a Deitch Gallery representative was on site to protect it from being bombed before it’s completed (the Os Gemeos mural was tagged and took 12 hours to fix). Fairey’s “These Parties Disgust Me” will stay up for a while as an ongoing project and others will be invited to collaborate.

Photo/video: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork