Shepard Fairey at Deitch Projects, Everywhere

vandalLeading up to the opening of the show tomorrow, another gaping hole was punched through Shepard Fairey’s wall on Houston, one more mural popped up on the side of Cooper Square hotel (with its own security guard) as well as some scraps on the side of Pentagon ad agency by the street artist’s assistants.

If the May Day promotional poster seems familiar, you may have seen the same image on a poster for the new doc Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. His painting of the film still from the doc is on both the May Day and film posters, as prearranged. Fairey’s studio created the titles for the film as well.

Whether or not you’re capable of expressing your feelings about it without punching holes into things, Fairey is everywhere. “May Day,” Shepard Fairey, May 1 – Aug 22, Deitch Projects, NYC

Photo: DNAinfo