Shepard Fairey On His Mural and the Inevitable Vandalism That Awaits It

04.26.10 Bucky Turco


Responding to the recent acts of vandalism perpetrated against his mural that was coated with an “anti-graffiti spray”—it works for his studio—Shepard Fairey offered this explanation to the Times’ Art Beat as a possible reason why there’s people waiting in line to destroy his work:

Because I’m straddling the line between all these different worlds – the fine art world, the street art world, commercial design, fashion – I think I’m a target for a lot of narrow-minded people who just aren’t comfortable with my multi-platform approach.

That’s certainly one way to explain it. When I spoke to him last week, he was well aware of forces conspiring against it and seemed more interested with making sure it stayed relatively intact until the exhibit opened, which is consistent with what he told the Times:

My plan is to maintain it the best that I can, but eventually it’s going to succumb to the forces of the streets.

Photos: Marina Galperina/ANIMALNewYork