Shoot A Flying Fox And You’re Going To Hell

01.22.10 Copyranter

TheGreyCross It’s a sign of the Antichrist Ad Creep update. Quick back story: Even though the grey-headed flying fox (here’s some pics) is facing extinction, it is still legal to kill this native Australian animal in New South Wales (apparently it’s mostly farmers who shoot them to protect crops). So, to get the local government’s attention, ad agency Martin Brown hung upside down grey crosses across Sydney; the foxes sleep upside down in trees. A PR problem with this stunt is, of course, that an upside down cross (mistakenly) represents the Devil to many people. But, the image also sort of insinuates that killing them is evil. Anyway, here’s the grey cross website. Go sign an email petition. We protect animals here on ANIMAL, from both real abuse and Photoshop abuse. |Image via: BestAdsOnTV|